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In this workshop you will experience and learn to understand the physics of Yoga Asana. It is an exciting workshop with Andreas Loh in which he will guide you thru a very inspiring Sequenz of Yogaposes. We work with the gravity in a humorous and joyful manner and experience a different understanding of yoga.

Come and learn to fly!

In the afternoon sessions, the philosophical background of the yoga path are presented undogmatic and true to life.

The result is an open atmosphere in which you can discover your unexpected potential. After the afternoon Session he will present his new DVD Yoga Piano live on Piano. A very beautiful and relaxing Sequenz of yoga poses will be combined with beautiful Music which touches your heart. Don`t miss this event! Andreas Loh is one of the best and most experienced yoga teachers in Germany and living as a composer and yoga teacher in Berlin.

Classes will be in English, translated if neccesary.

For beginners and advanced Yogis.

Infos about Andreas:

Friday 19.00 – 21.00 Learn to Fly Part I – the foundation

Saturday 11.00 – 13.30 Learn to Fly Part II – exploring the center of gravity

16.00 – 18.00 Yogaphilosophy and Asana in Details

18.30 – 19.30 Yoga Piano Asana Practice I

Sunday 11.00 – 13.30 Learn to Fly Part III – the physics of flight

16.00 – 18.00 Yogaphilosophy and Asana in Details

18.30 – 19.30 Yoga Piano Asana Practice II

Workshop Cost 150 EUR

early bird till 15.09.12 130 EUR

“When Andreas Loh plays on the Piano it seems to open a direct channel to the divine.”

(Dr. Ronald Steiner, Yogamaster)

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